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The 312 Hub – Onehunga, our house, our home


A disused and scruffy retail space between Onehunga Mall and DressSmart is at first glance an unlikely home to an art gallery. But in March, 312 Hub opened its doors for an exhibition, and it’s already created a buzz of interest and conversation. 

The idea and design of the youth-led 312 Hub has come from local artists and residents, Amiria Puia-Taylor and Jaimie Waititi, with the help of a pool of local creatives from Onehunga. 


“This space is a way for us to provide a platform for younger artists or creatives. It is a place in our own community, when they might not otherwise have access to other platforms,” explains Jaimie. 

The Hub is supported by Panuku Development Auckland, which hopes that the youth will speak up about about how they want their community to look. 

Jaimie explains that they want to crreate “that domino effect”, where older artists can engage, mentor and support younger artists. The younger artists can in turn do the same with high school students, who might otherwise take years to realise and develop their innate creativity. 

With workshops and after school programmes planned, Jaimie explains that they want the exhibition to attract the youth, “to show them where they could be.” 

The new exhibition is by BROTHERS LORD, a group exhibition by a new generation of local artists, Fasi, Serval Fandango & Naik. It showcases a mix of both new & unreleased artworks from illustration, projection, installation and print, which share the rich stories of what it means to be born & raised in Onehunga.  

Upcoming public programmes for Brothers Lord will take place on Saturday April the 7th - Royal Rumble, and on Saturday April the 28th - Tekken To. 

BROTHERS LORD, until Saturday 12 May 2018. FREE. All Welcome. For opening hours see: @the312hub on Facebook and Instagram 1 Paynes Lane, Outside Dressmart, Onehunga, Auckland 1061. 











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