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New housing development for Oranga




A new, large-scale housing development is being planned for the Oranga area near  Onehunga. Several hundred new homes will be built on Housing New Zealand (HNZ) land in the area between Oranga Avenue, Rockfield Road, Mt Smart Road and Namata Road.


The Hobsonville Land Company (HLC), which is an offshoot of HNZ, is in charge of the master plan.  They have already sent out a letter to tenants, informing them of the development. HLC says they will, “replace and increase existing state housing with new, warm, dry homes for Housing New Zealand tenants, as well as supplying more affordable homes for the Auckland market.”

Stage one of the development is the rehousing of families into suitable homes, so the empty sites can be developed. Understandably, this is causing residents some concern. Ron Muavae of Synergy Projects, who runs many community initiatives in Oranga Community Centre, says locals have come to him because they are worried about when and where they will be relocated during construction. They want to know whether they will be rehoused back in the new homes, and whether they will have the opportunity to buy one of the new properties.

The Local Board, MP for Maungakiekie Denise Lee , and Councillor Josephine Bartley, are all working hard to ensure that the process is open and transparent. They are all focussed on ensuring that  tenants  know what is happening, that the HLC does what it says it is going to do, and that local infrastructure will be able to cope with the increased population.

In May, Denise Lee MP facilitated a meeting between representatives from HNZ,HLC, the Ministry of Education, and school principals in the area. Rolls at some local schools are already under pressure, and this issue needs to be managed, as the  population rises when new residents move in after construction is completed..

Ms Lee says she plans to hold more of the meetings in the future. She says, “My understanding is that communication and information will still roll out between different government agencies, between elected members, and between residents - both those affected and not affected over the coming months.”  

To find out more, and to voice your concerns, all affected residents are urged to attend a public meeting with HLC IN AUGUST (DATE AND TIME TBA), at Oranga Community Centre. Local Board members, Denise Lee MP, and Councillor Josephine Bartley will all be attending, to support residents and ask questions of their own.

“We are really adamant that this meeting is a really solid meeting,” says Ron. “It’s a huge community issue, everybody should come along, make submissions, ask questions, and just voice their concerns.”


• The Oranga Community Open Day is now set and confirmed for Saturday 25th Aug 2018.  

• Venue is the Magee Room, Oranga Community Centre, 52 Waitangi Road, Oranga.

• Time for the event starts at 10am to 2pm.













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