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Young chefs inspired


Students at Royal Oak Intermediate School had the opportunity once again to be involved in the celebration of International Chefs’ Day. 

This October, The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) and its partners, ran with the 2018 theme, Healthy Foods for Growing Up. More than 100 associations, and close to 5,000 chefs of all levels and specialties, volunteered their time by hosting workshops and activities to make a difference in young people’s lives. 

Worldchefs endeavour to educate youth about healthy eating, by enabling them to be creative with food. With the chef’s guidance, education, and help, they prepare good meals. 

Royal Oak Intermediate bio-food specialist, Bernadette Kumar, selected 24 students to participate; all hand-picked for their passion and dedication to food. 

Each team was given a special recipe to prepare within a set time, and the young cooks were evaluated on their cooking technique and execution. Student Reshley Menon says she enjoyed the fun workshop, and was pleased with how her group’s super spinach pancake wondermix turned out.

Ms Kumar stresses the importance of such events, so children can learn how to prepare healthy meals; a valuable life skill. She says, “It’s a great opportunity for our students to work with professional chefs to learn recipes to stay healthy, fit and well. This will also allow them to think about their future career - maybe as a professional chef.” 

Award-winning chef, John Kelleher, was assigned to work with students at the school. After working at top restaurants worldwide, he is now a senior lecturer of Professional Cookery at AUT. John calls the event “our community day and chance to give back.” The initiative runs in partnership with Nestlé Professional and NZ Premium Foods.







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