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Another tool to fight crime


An idea that came to a Mangere Bridge resident with a restless baby late one night is now helping solve crime around the region.

Michelle Hohepa was contacted by police after a couple of burglaries in her street.

“They knew I had a CCTV camera and asked if I’d seen anything. I was awake with the baby at 1.00am and thought – there has to be a better way to do this,” she said.

Michelle is already a Mangere Bridge Neighbourhood Support coordinator, but wanted to help the police further. The result was Community Cam, a website that allows people to register their CCTV camera and upload footage that police can access to help solve crime in their neighbourhood. 

The website is fully secure and password-protected. Only the police in charge of each case can access uploaded footage, and any personal information is confidential.

Michelle is a web developer with two young children. She built the website in her spare time and says it was a real community effort to get the not-for-profit venture up and running. She has been working with Sergeant Anton Maisey of the Counties Manukau West intelligence unit to develop and promote the scheme.

Sergeant Maisey said Community Cam will save a lot of police time and resources. The current system is cumbersome and time-consuming. When an incident occurs, police have to physically collect relevant CCTV footage and take it back to the station to process.

“With Community Cam, people who report or assist us with a crime can upload footage straightaway. It improves police response times and increases the amount of information we have to help solve the crime,” he said.  

Both Michelle and Anton hope Community Cam will be put to use nationwide as more people register.

“It helps neighbours connect and look out for each other. The more people use it, the more time police will have to solve each case,” Michelle said.

For more information, see www.communitycam.co.nz 













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