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Don’t dump on us


Illegal rubbish dumping in Onehunga is on the increase, and is “disrespecting our neighbourhood”, says Onehunga Business Association’s administration manager Laura Hulbert.

Early in 2018, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff announced a crackdown, committing an extra $200,000 to tackle the problem.  In November last year, Council reported that over 80 Litter Infringement Notices had been issued so far in Auckland, each with a fine of $400.00.

Laura, who often liaises with Council about rubbish left in Onehunga’s public spaces, says it’s good they have taken extra steps to combat the problem, but more needs to be done. “It definitely feels as though it’s getting worse in Onehunga.”

She says one of the worst dumping “hot spots” is the Gerard Beeson car park, behind Onehunga Mall. “Literally, as soon as the rubbish is cleared away, something else is dumped the next day.”  There’s also a car park behind Arthur Street and Selwyn Street, with no dumping signs, but household goods are discarded there “all the time” says Laura. A lot more rubbish is left in the car park behind the Onehunga Community Centre

“It makes Onehunga look untidy and scruffy, and it is a safety risk, especially for primary school children who walk through the Gerard Beeson car park every day.”

If you become aware of dumped rubbish you can call the Auckland Council 0800 NO DUMP (0800 663 867), which is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Laura says there is also a very good Auckland Council app that you can download on your phone called SnapSendSolve. You can take a photo of any incident, including dumped rubbish, and report it to council this way, which is “generally very good” at dealing with the report promptly. 

Laura says there are multiple people who can play their part in fixing this. She believes that if we keep our public areas tidy and clean, it might prevent the illegal dumping.Laura says that everyone can play a part in fixing this problem. Be responsible with your own rubbish, and if you see illegal dumping report it. If these public spaces are kept clean and tidy, the offenders might have second thoughts about fouling them.



















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